Ludlow Junior School Governance

At our school, trustees, staff, parents and children work as a team to give our pupils and families the best level of education and care possible, celebrating and building on success, in an atmosphere where everyone feels valued. We are very proud of our school community - the high standards our pupils achieve across the curriculum, the personal achievements of our children and families as they grow through our school and the amazing dedication and commitment of our staff team.

We strongly value the school’s partnerships with parents, families and the community, and recognise that important role our families play in supporting their children’s education during their time with us.  This strong partnership underpins the core ethos of Ludlow Junior School - of working together for the benefit of our children.

As Trustees we are involved with a variety of issues, with our priority always being to ensure that the school offers our pupils the best education possible, that children make progress and achieve inside and outside of the classroom, and are nurtured and supported in doing so. We do this by rigorously monitoring progress and standards, finance, pupil welfare, building/grounds maintenance and staffing developments. It is our role to ensure the school has a strong strategic direction, and to hold school leaders to account for how we are progressing as a school.

Trustees are volunteers, who bring a variety of skills and experience to the school to ensure that objectives are met and that planning for the future is both visionary and realistic, giving children access to an enriched education and the opportunities they deserve.