Curriculum Intent statement

 At Ludlow Junior School, we intend to encourage each and every child to reach the highest levels of achievement, creativity and personal development, regardless of their background, special needs or disability.  Our school is a fully inclusive community which intends to meet the personalised needs of all children through carefully planned opportunities.

The whole school curriculum aims to foster pupils who are caring, open-minded and ambitious. These principles are underpinned by our 6 core values: honesty, friendship, pride, respect, determination and patience.

Throughout the curriculum, children are encouraged to work collaboratively as well as developing the skills needed to be independent learners. Opportunities are given for children to problem solve, take risks and learn from mistakes. Additionally, we encourage children to be reflective in different contexts, considering their own ideas and show tolerance and respect to the views and beliefs of others.

Children are prepared for being citizens in modern Britain and teaching is adapted to include relevant current events and areas of study that interest and engage.

Engaging, exciting and relevant lessons, which are adapted for our school’s context and pupils, means that we aim to develop enthusiastic children with foundations for life-long learning. We have designed a cohesively planned curriculum that teaches the full range of subjects following the aims and programmes of study within the National Curriculum. Skills within each subject are taught progressively through a spiral curriculum which revisits prior learning and adds new skills, knowledge and understanding that is age- or stage – appropriate. The curriculum is delivered within the principles of quality first teaching and underpinned by assessment for learning to ensure all pupils are supported to achieve their very best.

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