RAMP: Raising Attainment Mentoring Programme

The programme has been developed by the Learning Mentors here at Ludlow Junior School. There are currently two Learning Mentors in the school.

 Jade & Ali

Miss Ali Garner - Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs Jade Lyons - Assistant Learning Mentor

 The programme supports pupils in school who have barriers to their learning. Pupils are taught strategies through weekly targets to break down these barriers.

Pupils will focus on achieving a skill which will open up opportunities for them to be the best they can be. Below are the eight skill areas that help break down barriers to learning; pupils generally only need to work on one or two.  

1. Adaptability

2. Communication

3. Independence

4. Listening and Concentration

5. Organisation

6. Persistence and Resilience

7. Self-Control

8. Taking risks (with learning)

 Pupils are rewarded each term with a trip to celebrate the progress they have made. 

Parents and carers are updated regularly about their child, the progress they are making in class and the targets they are achieving. Parents and carers are welcome to contact the Learning Mentors at any point if they have any concerns or questions about their child.

Parent Feedback

"The Learning Mentors have helped me if I have had any problems or concerns about my son, they are quick to act on it and are very helpful."

"My child's confidence had grown so much since he has been on RAMP."


Pupils Comments

"RAMP has helped me to think positive thoughts and celebrate my achievements."

"I like having targets because they help me get better at my work."

"I can always rely on the techers at RAMP to help me."

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