Sports Leaders

SL 6 

Sports Leaders are selected children from all year groups across the school

 Sports Leader Duties

  • refereeing football matches at break and lunch time
  • supporting activities on the playground
  • acting as positive role models
  • attend training sessions       

Sports Leaders are outside on duty from 1-5 days per week at break times and lunchtimes. They are provided with their own whistle and wear a sports leader bib and provided with a stopwatch for timing matches.

The Sports Leaders present fair play certificates in assembly. The Sports Leaders meet regularly with the Learning Mentors to evaluate their role.

The Sports Leaders role helps to develop confidence, responsibility, reliability, teamwork and leadership skills.

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Sports Leaders Comments;

“I love the responsibility, I enjoy working alongside lots of different children from other year groups”

“It’s really fun being a sports leader, refereeing is a new experience for me and I am getting better and better, I didn’t think people would listen to me.”

“I like using the stopwatch for timing the matches, it's fun.”

“I like blowing the whistle and watching players celebrate when they score goals”


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