School Council

At Ludlow, we are proud to have a passionate school council who work hard to make changes within our school. We encourage children to have an opinion and voice their ideas making them feel valued in the ethos of the school. At the beginning of each year, the children elect 2 representatives from each class and learn about democracy and pupil voice. Pupil representatives meet fortnightly with a teacher to discuss ways to improve the school and any issues that arise from discussions within their classes.

School Council Vision Statement

Our school council will…

Respect everyone and understand that no one is the same but everyone is equal.

Work as a team and listen to other people’s suggestions to help make our school an even better place.

Act as great role models for our classes and ensure that everyone feels heard and happy.

Role of a School Councillor

Our roles as school councillors include…

Trying our hardest to make children, staff and visitors feel welcome in the school.

Being a good role model to our classmates.

Listening to our classmates’ suggestions and ideas.

Being helpful and kind to others.

                   YEAR 3       
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                   YEAR 4        
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                    YEAR 5        
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          YEAR 6        
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